Friday, July 20, 2007

Himalayan Salt Sole Drinking Therapy

Drinking sole on a daily basis provides multiple health benefits. Sole is basically a solution of water, salt, and minerals prepared from Himalayan salt-rock. Preparing sole is very easy to do; just place a few salt rocks in a glass and add water. Once the water becomes saturated with salts and minerals, it is ready to drink. The health benefits from sole come not from the quantity of sole that is ingested, but rather from the regularity by which it is ingested. Drinking sole every morning on an empty stomach is a great way to fire up your digestive system and kick-start your metabolism.

So what are the health benefits of adding sole to one’s diet? One of the most important benefits comes from sole’s ability to regulate the amount of salt and minerals in the blood; a diet lacking sodium can result in dehydration. In addition, according to a recent study, people with poor salt concentration in their urine were 4 times more likely to suffer from heart attacks than those with a normal salt concentration. What separates sole from commercial salt is that sole doesn’t raise blood pressure; therefore, people with hypertension can still obtain a healthy daily diet of salt.

Sole also has the ability to restore blood pH to a normal level. A daily diet of sole will help maintain a neutral blood pH, which will allow the body to function at an optimal level. In addition, because of sole’s unique molecular structure, it can bind to and flush out harmful heavy metals such as mercury, lead, arsenic, and amalgam. Also because of sole’s structure, sole can bind to and remove deposits in joints of those that suffer from chronic illnesses such as gout and rheumatoid arthritis. The same remedy applies for those that suffer from kidney and gallbladder stones.

One of the initial symptoms of drinking sole on a daily basis is flushing. Don’t be alarmed, however; this is just a sign that the body is being cleansed of unwanted substances.

Another important aspect of sole is that it can be used to treat addiction. In a study done on heroin addicts conduced in Zurich, Switzerland, craving for the addictive substance decreased significantly when the withdrawal was supported with sole therapy. This can also be observed in children who are addicted to sugar. You will see how your child’s sugar craving will decrease when you add sole to his/her drinking water on a daily basis.

Finally, sole can be used to maintain hydrated, radiant, healthy skin.

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